Eat well, keep hydrated, think positive, REPEAT.

smileWe all experienced it. The time when you are trying so hard to achieve something but the results are not even close. When I started the special diet in order to cure my skin naturally, I was a bit skeptical. I saw and read that some people didn’t manage to get cured and the reactions of some of my friends and family weren’t exactly positive. It was a challenge enough to make myself stop eating things that I loved, but in addition to that, I had to face doubts and negativity. So, how did I manage to stay strong and motivated despite all that?

To be honest, I still have to fight some type of a voice inside my head which is trying to bring me down. ‘What if this diet works only for a short amount of time?’ ‘What if it wasn’t the diet that helped at all?’ There are a lot of ‘’what ifs’’ I often fight. But then I stop and remind myself that I’d rather have a life full of ‘’Oh wells’’ than a life of ‘’what ifs’’! Wouldn’t you?

I guess I am lucky because I tend to get motivated by the positive energy of others, of books and quotes I find online. I write the best ones down on sticky notes and stick them on places I look a lot around my flat. Bedside table, fridge, cupboard, etc. I suggest you do the same. Surround yourself by positive words and read them out loud when your eyes lay on them. It helps you unconsciously. How? Well, by constantly influencing your consciousness-reading positive words loud and visualising positive outcomes you are influencing your unconsciousness in a positive way and it also helps your beliefs system. It’s a bit of a science but so interesting and helpful once you understand it.

In the very beginning of my diet, I would close my eyes in the morning after I woke up and imagined my body completely cured. I imagined every bit of my skin as it was before completely free of dry patches and red areas. I started my day with a clear vision of ‘’cured-me’’! Now, after 6 months I see the results and only a few spots are left. It gives me shivers and a great feeling of pride which I want to share with everyone.

Another important thing, which I didn’t realise could be helpful before, was taking pictures of my skin and psoriasis every month. You see yourself every day and therefore you are not really able to spot any changes. After a month of being on this diet, I felt unmotivated because I didn’t see any results. Thanks to a simple app on my phone I was able to put my pictures next to each other and saw some positive outcomes which really kept me going forward. This could work with any situation by recording on paper all your feelings, things you do at the moment and dreams that you want to achieve. After some time, come back to it and see if you’ve managed to make the desired change. You will be able to see where you’ve come, what you’ve learnt and it will motivate you to do even better.

The last but not least, it is the feeling of a possibility to help others. I want to achieve this in order to proof others that topical creams belong to the garbage and psoriasis are curable by eating the right food! I believe in it with all my heart and I will do anything to prove it! Yes, it is difficult because you have to be careful what you eat, you must stop eating things that you love, but in a long run, it means you become a healthier and happier person. The thought that someone will read this and it will help them makes me feel super excited and motivated.

Start now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine your skin smooth and clear. Whatever you are fighting with right now, just imagine yourself where you want to be. Smile. You will get there. Just keep going.

‘’Don’t give up. One day you’ll look back and be glad you didn’t.’’

I’m sending you my positivism and hope you will do your best to achieve your dreams! While doing that, eat a lot of leafy vegetables and drink a lot of water.

Loads of love and kisses,

Tatiana ❤

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