How Psoriasis Got Me a Job

Hello, Dear friends!

I had a break from writing again. I was collecting new thoughts and topics that could be interesting for you. Today, I would like to tell you about my ”career journey”. The story of how psoriasis helped me to find my dream job! How is that possible, you ask? Read on to find out! 🙂 

About a year and a half ago I discovered that there is a possibility to cure Psoriasis naturally. Today I am so glad I tried it out. It worked and I am almost completely cured. The body I was imagining while completing one of the exercises (close your eyes and convince your brain that you are cured) is finally here!

Another thing I am glad about is the fact that I told the world. I shared with you every single detail of my journey and tried to help you. I wanted to give strength and hope to the ones who are fighting for years and want to give up. I was once that person too. I fought for a long time, used all kinds of creams, bath salts and everything I could find online. Writing helped me continue my ”adventure” and motivated me to live a better life.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I moved to Bulgaria 4 months ago. To find my peace, to change the air, to surround myself with positive friends and to fulfill my dream of working in a cool company as a marketer/copywriter. How did I know this all will come true? Well, I didn’t! My head was full of doubts and fear until the very day of an interview for my current job.

When I moved to Bulgaria I decided I need a new resume. I came across Enhancv and it was a love at first sight. Finally, a platform that enabled me to share (except for others) what I’m most passionate about in a perfectly designed section. There I wrote it. Most passionate about: ”Writing and Reading about my personal journey with Psoriasis.”

I didn’t think that a potential employer would read my blog. I just wanted them to know that I have one, as a sign of a good marketer. Because I loved the platform and the Startup it belongs to is Bulgarian, I decided to give it a go and asked whether they need someone for a marketing position. After some talking via Facebook, they invited me for a chat to their office. We talked about them, me, the potential position…

At one point, the CEO said that he likes my blog and it was one of the main reasons to invite me for an interview. He said he likes my writing style and my personality. He knows someone suffering from psoriasis and he understands how difficult it can be at times. He can see from my blog that I am a strong and persistent person and he thought I would fit in the team.

There I was, in gorgeous Bulgaria, being interviewed by young and motivated guys who want to improve people’s lives by helping them get jobs they deserve. Being told they like who I am because of how I changed my life and fought psoriasis. It was a perfect moment. 🙂

After a few days, they offered me the job as a Growth Hacker. Now it has been 3 months I work there.

What message do I hope you take from this? Be proud of yourself and of how you keep going even after all the stares on the red patches ”decorating” you skin. Nor settle, nor accept the disease.  Be a fighter. Love yourself and your life and the rest will come on the way.

If you have a similar story share it with me. If you know someone who would find this post helpful, please share it with them. It could give them the courage to fight. 🙂



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